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 A Guest Post Stolen From Kevin James



That was my primal roar I sure hope it didn’t scare anyone. Actually if it did, I’m not sorry, you need to improve your ROAR because in this world it’s survival of the fittest. Oh my gosh I sound like I’ve gone CrAzY! Here is the deal I am on week 2 of the book club for the Primal Blueprint with my friends at Udistrict PT and some of their great clients! The book is very interesting and actually we are not too far into the book, and are just doing a chapter a week, so if you want to join in there is plenty of time!

I have been eating “primal” or some form of it for about 9 months and it has helped me lose about 70 of my 100 pounds gone! As you know if you read the blog I have been flat for the last 3 months with the weight loss but still feeling healthy. THIS BOOK HAS ME PUMPED! It’s like when someone tells you about how great a movie is and you are like “oh man that sounds awesome I really want to see it”. I have been that guy. I buy into the primal/whole food eating for the past 9 months, but only because of what I had been told from others and it helped me lose weight. But now I’m reading the book that got Mike(my trainer) started on Primal and let me tell you it has changed my mindset once again. I’m now the guy telling you about how great the movie is…TRUST me you gotta see it(aka read the book).

Heres the thing the last 3 months have been really good with my eating but allowing sugar free drinks, some sugar drinks, an occasional snack here and there. NONE of it can be considered horrible eating, but the fact of the matter is it STALLED My Fat to fit Journey and I am NOT DONE losing weight. My journey will continue!

Good news I’m down 3 pounds this week!

Here are a few simple things to think about…maybe being primal sounds weird to you but does this???

1. Eat real, whole, nourishing food. Eating live foods (meat, eggs, fruit, veg) will supply your body with necessary nutrition, whereas ‘dead carbs/calories’ like flour, refined sugar, and processed JUNK will leave your body starving for nourishment.

2. Eat enough food. Not too little, not too much. Eat until you are satisfied, and then stop. If you concentrate on eating nourishing food, and really savour it by eating it slowly, you won’t be left with cravings or feeling over-stuffed.

3. Use your body, and enjoy doing so. Being physically active is key to health. However, if you force yourself to exercise against your body’s will, you will build mental barriers against the activity, and disrupt your health efforts. If you fulfill #1 and #2, you may find yourself wanting to move more. Find something you love doing, something that involves your whole body, and have fun!

My goal is to finish reading the book with the book club over the next 12 weeks and lose between 25-30 pounds. It’s time for me to take the next big step in my HEALTH and move to a weight that I haven’t seen since high school!

One more thing that I have found myself doing after reading the book is falling in love with some different foods and potential recipes that I hadn’t done in the past. I seriously can eat plain ole chicken breast, fish and salads everyday and be happy. But spoiling yourself with something AMAZING once in awhile sure is nice.

Here are a few places that I have been looking at for recipes…
Spokane Primal

Girl gone Primal-Here is a picture from this site of some Coconut Salmon that I am putting on the “back burner” for my next AMAZING meal.

Let’s hear your PRIMAL ROAR…trust me it really feels good to be healthy…You’re gonna want to ROAR 🙂 
Editor’s note:
We have taken to eating whole foods by seeing what it has done for Kevin….It is amazing what this simple change in our lives has done for how we feel. If you want to do one thing for yourself that really makes you feel better and will cost less. You should take a long look at whole foods!

Monte Tareski