Jaden’s Kiss by Mark Peterson

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Today was a good…make that great day, but very emotional. 

I hung out with Ronald McDonald this morning and spoke of Jaden and the Extreme Team. Ronald gave me a stuffed doll in his likeness to give him…..Cool.

Heading back into Spokane from Triple Play I know that there is a lot going on at Jaden’s, so I stop to check out the progress. Steve Cook has the concrete forms set and Champion concrete pumping is there to get our concrete piped into place. I have a sit down with Deacon Band, his little boy is fussing as we plot out the time line and what we still need (that answer was easy, SIDING)

I was leaving as Brooke came out to tell me Jaden wanted to see me……it’s at that point that my day went from overseer and organizer to Daddy Mush.

Jaden was on the couch watching the guys get the concrete pumped into place only taking his eyes off when I sit beside him… a gentle touch from him says hello, a smile from me and I talk. He continues to touch, giggle and turn to watch the guys getting the forms poured.

Jon picks up Jaden and I continue to look around at the project and flirt with this adorable little boy.

He is having a bad day.

Many times in that short 15 minutes with him….his eyes roll back or close as another seizure contorts his little body.

They last only seconds but with a blink or head roll he is back in reality and giggles some more…then he tries my name.


as soft as a whisper….

I hear it…I’m done for….

He gives my hand a kiss and I tell him” I’m in dude”

“Were coming back you don’t need to sell it”

Inside I was dying and…as I write this, tearing up…

What love and joy are in those little eyes, in that soft touch, he kisses my cheek to say goodbye…I’m sorry but here is where I stop….

I can’t see my keyboard now…..reliving it…

You meet Jaden…You fall in love…That is how it works…

Monte Tareski

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