Jaden’s Journey: Windsor Plywood

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One of the last pieces of the puzzle for Jaden’s Journey was Windsor Plywood.
They donated the doors for the entire remodel.
They were just a phone call away….
Doors a plenty.
But here is the story behind the scenes.
Mark asked me to come help him go pick up the doors at Windsor plywood. Easy enough. We headed off in the Dollar Rent a Car truck that was donated and ran to go pick up the doors. We got there just as they were putting the finishing touches to the trim. Mark, in his usual self was shmoozing the staff, so I grabbed the keys to the truck to go load up the doors…..
And then it happened.
I was loading up the last (and the nicest) door, and just as I was about to put it in the back it opened…..
I mean, I was holding both sides of the Jamb and boom…the door just opened, and it fell
It didn’t just fall. 
It broke into a couple of pieces.
I felt like an idiot.
The man that built the doors was just inside the loading dock, he came around the corner.
His first words weren’t “what happened?”
He just said
“Don’t worry about it”
Five minutes later we were loading up a repaired door.
Thank you Windsor Plywood for, not only saving face for me, but helping make Jaden’s Journey a success.

Monte Tareski