Jaden’s journey: The Kitchen Place

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There we were today…..
Just Mark and I going over the details of the project. 
I asked him who should I blog about today?

He didn’t even hesitate…..”Erin at The Kitchen Place” he almost shouted.

Then Mark told me a story….

About Erin

You see, Erin first told Mark that The Kitchen Place would like to lend a hand….you know….help a little.
They set an appointment to meet at the home of Jaden and “Take a look” at the project. 
As is normally the case, Mark was late, and Erin was early. 
Erin sat with the Glovers and more importantly with Jaden. For a little less than a half an hour Erin played with Jaden. What happened next was the impressive part……

Mark arrived they looked around for a little while. Then Erin took him aside and said “We got this Mark”. Mark was a little stunned and said “What do you mean?”. “I just needed a little design help”.

“No I mean, We got this.” 
Erin went from “a little design help” to “a major renovation”……in a little less than a half an hour.

The amazing power of this little man to tug at your heart strings and find a place that is bigger than yourself……I am honored to be working beside such an amazing group of business owners.

The Kitchen Place is a Local company that has been doing great things with kitchens in the Northwest for more than 12 years. Erin (in her own words) has had the pleasure of being part of this company for the last 6. They are not just providing the design help they are providing all of the labor and a big batch of the materials as well. The WHOLE Kitchen place Team is on board with this project!

The Kitchen Place has a website

And here is their info!

111 N Vista Road, Bldg. 2A
Spokane, WA 99212
(509) 533-6733

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