Jaden’s Journey: Parr Lumber

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Here we go….with another major player on the field
Deacon threw the pitch
Parr Lumber steps up to the plate
Jaden gets a home run

It wasn’t in the ninth inning either. It was first up to bat. 

Parr Lumber is new to the area. New kid on the block, so to speak. Deacon called Adam. Adam talked to Tim. Tim called corporate. And just like that, Jaden’s Journey gets most of the building materials needed to complete the addition. It’s refreshing to see a big company that “Gets it” like Parr lumber. No red tape. No questioning the materials list provided. Just “make it happen and we’ll worry about the paperwork later” 
Spokane has a new team player and Parr Lumber is written on the back of the jersey.

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