Jaden’s Journey: Condron Homes

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Well the Blogroll keeps a coming.

I got the opportunity to meet Corey Condron of Condron homes briefly. He was in between trips as the go-fer for the team he hired to come do all the drywall for Jaden’s Journey.
Dependable Drywall was who Corey broght in to finish the inside of the home and get it ready for paint.
What struck me was this…..
Corey was the GO-Fer…..
Do you get that?
The owner and GM of Condron homes was running back and fourth to the store keeping the drywallers working.

He orchestrates the building of million dollar homes and he was there giving his time to Jaden.

After talking with Mark this evining here is how the conversation went….
 “Hey Corey”
“When do you need us?”
That simple once again.
It is amazing the amount of giving that is right here in our community!
Thank You  Corey….You Rock!! 
(Get it…Sheet Rock?….Drywall?……Oh Never mind)

Monte Tareski