Jaden’s Journey: Cascading Creations

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Everyone needs to read all the previous Spokane Grapevine blog posts about Jaden’s Journey. 
There is a man who is involved that is helping make this all happen. 
I have “hijacked” this blog to tell you a little about him. 
But, those of you who know him already know all this stuff. His name is Monte Tareski the owner of Cascading Creations. I was privileged to meet Monte and his wife Kelly last summer. They have given me a new way to look at life, which includes the wonderful community of Spokane and the surrounding area. Monte is helping make Jaden’s Journey happen by donating his time, his heavy equipment, his staff, but most importantly, his love. 
A lot of people and businesses are doing the same. 
Monte has been blogging about all of them as Jaden’s Journey progresses. 
I did notice that while Monte is blogging about these people, he has not said anything about himself, which is so Monte. What I’m trying to say is that Monte is full of love, giving, and kindness.
Thank you for the opportuinty to share
Cori Scrivner
Spokane WA

Monte Tareski