It’s All About The Coffee: A Guest Post By Katie Wilcox

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By calling yourself a snob, of any sorts, i.e.: a beer snob, wine snob or coffee snob, you may think you are limiting yourself to only the best when the truth of the matter is, you are just limiting yourself. Have your favorites but don’t cut yourself off from the thrill of unexplored territory. I am guilty of this unsavory crime. For years I would only drink Thomas Hammer coffee. And I would go out of my way to get my special cup of morning go juice. But I’m so glad that I got over it because I would have missed out on a real gem.

Sunset Boulevard may conjure more EWs than Awes but now it has its very own diamond in the rough, Blue Ox Coffee at 2921 W. Sunset Blvd. Owner Rick Thompson pays special attention to all the details, providing the absolute best in service and product so you can go about your busy day and enjoy one heck of a good espresso while you do it. And the coffee? Fair trade of course! Only the best, local and organic from Roast House Coffee Co. Rick says, “We are really proud of what we do here and want our customers to have the best experience.” And you will. Summers coming so don’t forget to swing by and try one of their… I can’t find the words…mind blowing homemade milk shakes from local made ice cream.


Monte Tareski