Introducing Spokane Grapevine “PAGES”

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We are proud to introduce…..

Spokane Grapevine “PAGES”

With your Spokane Grapevine Page you are getting a unique URL with your business name as a page title and up to four keywords as the URL address.

An example of this would be:

Page Name: Corner Cottage

Page URL:

With your Spokane Grapevine page you are piggy backing off of the thousands of dollars that have been spent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Spokane Grapevine. If you are familiar with the cost of SEO for your own website you will understand the value. If you are not, the value is un-measureable. Within two weeks of creating a page on Spokane Grapevine for the key words “Social Media Consulting Spokane” our page was on page one, top position for a Google search for those keywords. Please try the search yourself. Type in those keywords into the Google search bar and hit enter. These pages will have a unique impact on your search engine visibility with links back to your own website. If you don’t have your own website then this would be a unique opportunity to have your own “mini-website” for a fraction of the cost and all of the SEO is already in place. This is not a “Super-Hype” get on Google instantly proposal. This is honest to goodness, proven method of getting your name out on Google rather rapidly for your keywords. It’s not just the Google search visibility that makes this package so valuable.
In addition to the page you will get a Spokane Grapevine Blog post. The way we have been blogging, our posts are showing up high in rankings and being reposted at a phenomenal rate. The cross promotion on Facebook and Twitter is an added benefit of being a member of the Spokane Grapevine PAGES community. This is an opportunity you will not want to pass up.
Included in your Spokane Grapevine page:

1. Page Set up
     a. Up to 10 images
     b. Up to 2 YouTube Videos
     c. Full Business Description. (written by you )
     d. Professionally produced Flash Banner ad 650 x 150 for your page
     e. Links to your own website.

2. Spokane Grapevine at Blogspot Blog post
3. Cross promotion with Spokane Grapevine facebook fan page. (Close to 4000 fans).
4. Cross promotion on SpokaneGrape on Twitter
5. Support for the duration of the page’s existence.

6. Business Listing Upgrade on Spokane Grapevine

Signups are limited to a first come first served basis. We have a limited number of “PAGES” available. Be first on the list and get your business promoted on Spokane’s Premier Community Web Page: Spokane Grapevine.

Contact us today for details:
Monte Tareski

Monte Tareski