Introducing The DeWalt Milk Frother

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You will soon get a feel for how I like to write. I tend to get a bit real and try to be humorous in most things in my life. So with that being said, you may find it enjoyable to read my posts. Sometimes my posts will be long and sometimes (most of the time) they will be short and to the point. Kinda the way I live my life.

My first true post for My Take On Life is rather simple…

The Set Up:

My wife’s mocha, cappuccino, latte’, half-caf  milk frothing thing-a-ma-jig quit working a few weeks back. I’m not really sure what it did other than it got really hot and steam came out of it. She would then proceed to put the steaming wand, do-hicky into the milk and it would “wa-la” make frothed milk. You see I am a straight up BLACK cup-o-joe kinda guy so this whole process is foreign to me. I put coffee into a coffee maker and hit a button…Pretty simple if you ask me…but I digress. So she has been hinting about me fixing this steam thing for awhile now. So away I go into the shop…

The Solution:

So I hit the “steam thingy” a couple of times with a hammer…No Luck.

So I hit the “steam thingy” a couple more times with the hammer…No luck.

So I hit the “steam thingy” with a sledge hammer…even worse luck.

It’s in the back of the trailer for the next trip to the dump.

I come into the house and ask a few questions (without really telling her what I did to the “steam thingy”). Come to find out what she really needed was something to whip up warm milk into a froth per se. Ah-Ha (I was thinking to myself), The whole steam thing (in my humble opinion) is just a ruse to sell more “steam thingys”. Away I go to the shop to solve the problem.

In the shop is our camping gear. Mixed in amongst the camping gear was a hand held mixer. Shown below. Time to tear shit apart…

Hand Mixer


My solution was relatively simple. Take the hand mixer apart. Attach it to the DeWalt drill like a drill bit and put that sucker on high speed….

Dewalt Milk Frother


Let’s just say she was less than pleased with my solution. I did catch her using it however….Ah-HA.


Yours Truly

Monte Tareski


Monte Tareski