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I have a simple post tonight. We went to a pet store out in the valley this evening and picked up a new dog. The dog really isn’t part of the story other, than to say that we went there to pick her up. What is the story is that before we went out to the un-named pet store, I happened to look them up on my Android phone.  Let’s just say that the reviews of this particular store were not very favorable. Quite honestly they were so bad that we almost decided not to go. 
Well…..we went anyway, and quite honestly the reviews were not very far off target. Me , not wanting to miss an opportunity to share, decided to bring up to the owners if they were aware of their online reputation. As I suspected they were not aware at all. I kind of expected them to get defensive a little, but to my surprise they were very receptive to my suggestions on how to handle their reputation head on and not to “sit back and let it happen”. They decided to take my advice and at least claim their store front on Google and get in line with the times. I didn’t do this to be “cocky” or try to sell them something. I (putting myself in their shoes) would want to know about this sort of thing and would pay attention to make things right. 
Hopefully they will claim their store front and make positive efforts to get a handle on their online reputation. Because as you all are probably aware we can no longer hide behind a phone book ad, we have to be transparent to our customers……

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