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RD Fresh: Good for the planet. Good for the restaurant business.

Stella Evans (left) and Bruce Lewis with RD Fresh Washington

A new business has come to the Spokane area, which is environmentally beneficial for the planet and good for the restaurant business. RD Fresh Washington, represented locally by Stella Evans, is a company that provides an effective, affordable refrigeration dehumidifier system that extends the useable life of food. The process was developed by Steve Gerson, Coach of the 1997 Gold Medal British Virgin Islands Culinary Team and author of ‘Contemporary Caribbean Cuisine’. Steve has been Chef of his own award winning restaurant, Food & Beverage Director at a number of exclusive Caribbean Resorts, and Consultant to properties throughout the Caribbean.

RD Fresh is a 100% natural ‘Green’ mix of zeolite minerals. Zeolite minerals have been used for years in clean up of aqua filters and spills like ammonia, blood, bleach, diesel, gasoline, insect killers, etc. The minerals were used extensively during the cleanup of the Chernobyl disaster. They have a unique 3 dimensional structure (similar to a honeycomb) consisting of interconnected tunnels and cages. Moisture molecules move freely into the tunnels and are then trapped along with unwanted gases within the cages.

As RD Fresh removes the moisture and gases as it reduces humidity, food odors and cross contamination and the spread of bacteria. In testing done on raw hamburger it reduced the bacteria by 48% after 4 days. The first day difference was more impressive, at over 300%. RD Fresh is a passive system making it very affordable. A Green program that will provide an immediate return on investment of 3 to 4 dollars on every dollar spent.

All of this in a product that is 100% natural and is truly a zero foot print product. The same gas that RD Fresh absorbs actually makes excellent fertilizer and can be disposed of directly into the soil. The special food safe TyVek bag from DuPont is recycled directly to DuPont. For more information contact Stella Evans at 509-869-1580 or The website is

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