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I know….Why would I take the time to review an insurance agency right? 
Well to answer your question…
I feel that no matter what the “good turn” is, it should be shared.

I must say that shopping for insurance is not one of my…..let’s just say…..”kickin’ it on a Friday” activities and quite honestly it ranks right up there with say, sweeping the shop. But as we all know (if you own a shop) you have to sweep the shop daily so….enter David Boley of Farmer’s insurance group right here in Spokane.

I previously had insurance for a car with one agent, my rental house with another agent, our store and business insurance with another and yet another was dealing with our homeowner’s. We knew we needed to consolidate all of this into one easy to handle dealie-o.

We had been buying coffee from his wife for the past three years at Eagle’s Nest Espresso in Nine Mile Falls so we decided to give David a shot at this cluster of Insurance agencies and agents and give it a whirl. Low and behold David took the info (basically a bunch of phone numbers) and went to work.


he had all of our insurance figured out and to top it off he had it all laid out in one easy payment…..

Holy cow….I should call him “Captain Easy Agent”. 

The next couple of weeks I began to get to know him as not only an agent but a friend. He would call to make sure everything was OK and that all things were covered. I also found out that we share the same family values and have a shared past. David grew up right here in the Spokane area. We even attended the same grade school. The hard earned dollars I was giving to Farmers Insurance was going to help support his family. Right here in Spokane! It doesn’t get any better than that for me. As you are well aware by now I am a firm believer that we need to keep our dollars right here to support our neighbors and friends. I am proud to call David Boley my friend.

David Boley

Street Address:
802 5 Th Ave
Spokane, WA 99202
Driving Directions

Phone/Fax :
Office:(509) 924-7959
Fax:(509) 921-1223

Monte Tareski