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The confluence of interior design, real estate and estate services is what makes up Home By Design. Since 1986, owner Lorelei Barrett has been assisting clients with interior design projects, renovations/remodeling, Street of Dreams homes, model homes, as well as antiques and home contents appraising. More recently, real estate and estate services have been added to the quiver of tools available to assist those to purchase a home or those needing to empty the contents of homes through sales or clean outs.
Our homes are our most cherished places! Many of our precious life events take place in our home. Our homes should reflect our passions and ideals. Many know how they would like their homes to look yet have trouble knowing where to start this process to acheive the desired results. Having one’s ‘dream home’ is quite attainable either with a home purchase, or reworking where one is currently living. 
Lorelei’s abilities to search to find a home for a client, assist with the design, and create these treasured places are her specialty. Her varied skill sets marry well to provide clients with the exact home and design they desire. Clients find the process enjoyable and fun due to Lorelei’s ability to maintain a sharp focus, give great attention to detail and her gregarious approach to building life long relationships with her clients. Call her today to chat about how she can help you find the ‘dream’ in your home!
Lorelei Barrett
Broker/Realtor®/Interior Design/Estate Services

Windermere North Spokane

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