Herding Cats

Football Nine Mile Falls Spokane

Have you ever herd the term “herding cats”? (yes I spelled that the wrong way on purpose) Well let me tell you. The last couple of weeks the assistant coach, Tim Hunsaker and I have been doing just that. It has consumed much of my spare time since mid August. Teaching a group of 9 and 10 year old’s the fundamentals of football has been quite the challenge. The reason I am writing this tonight is that tomorrow night is our first game at Dwight Merkel field and, well…..Lets just say it should be interesting tomorrow night. I have had a wonderful experience so far and my hope is that these kids (some of them their first experience with football) will want to return next year and chalk this up as one of their great experiences of their short lives so far…..

I will post the score tomorrow night…..

Wish us luck!

Monte Tareski
3rd-4th Grade Nine Mile Falls YMCA Grid Kids Football.

Monte Tareski