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I just spent most of my quality “Blog Posting” time helping my neighbor and good friend set up their home network so I am gonna steal my daughter’s post for the night. We spent the day at Silverwood and this was her take on the day. By the way I will have to say that the staff at the “cabana” section of the park went out of their way to accommodate us today. The kicker was that we weren’t “cabana” purchasers….just guests of those that had.

We went to Silverwood today.

When we got there, we went straight for the rides.

We rode a few roller coasters and the Panic Plunge.
Then we went over to Boulder Beach.
That is the water park in Silverwood.
We went on the new water slide.
It took 45 minutes to get threw the line.
Silverwood was a lot of fun.
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