Headin’ South I Am, To MerchantCircle That Is

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As I have said in a recent post. I have been invited again this year to head to Mountain View California to meet with the MerchantCircle Team. It’s not just to meet with the team (although I would be happy with just that) They are flying us down for their 5th anniversary celebration with multiple events slated. I am particularly proud to be asked to sit in with their engineers and team leaders for a jamb session about MerchantCircle from a business owners perspective. I feel truly honored to be asked back a second time for this event. We, as you may or may not know, have dedicated a lot of our time and energy to helping other businesses in the Spokane area. For no other reason than to just help. I know that someday when I need a little help it will come back three fold……but I digress. The main reason I decided to write this post is not that I wish to toot my own horn, but rather to let it be know that I am grateful for all that has come my way. I feel also that it is nice to be recognized for what we have accomplished in just one short year and I look forward to our next year of relationship building.
I will be blogging from Mountain View starting Wednesday and continuing thru Saturday of next week. (June 23rd-25th). 
Be sure to look for those posts….If it is anything like last year this should be a hoot!


Monte Tareski