Have You Signed Up Yet? Read The Testimonials

Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

1. “I was really impressed and delighted with how easy it was to join in as a vendor for the Spokane Grapevine Discount Card. I signed up online in less than 10 minutes and had confirmation back within a couple of hours and that was it! I have made so many new connections really quickly as a result. I heartily recommend this program to businesses no matter what type. This program is a win-win-win for everyone involved. 

Lorelei Barrett  
Home By Design”

2. “For about 3 years I have been preaching the message about “Buy Local”, I was so excited that Spokane Grapevine put together such a great program. Its so easy! We all need a little business boost, and the non-profits need it too, It’s a double win. The more ways we can get our names out there the better, and when its free, its the Best.” 

Deena Moe-Caruso 
Finders Keepers

3. The Heart of Spokane Says: “With this great discount card you get several things…freeeeee advertising from Spokane Grapevine, you get a sense of helping your fellow man, woman or child through local charities, which makes the customer happy they are impacting their community while shopping, and of course through the discount you offer you bring in new business. Simple. Effective.”

Cecile Charles

The Heart of Spokane

4. “I went into the Corner Cottage the week before Christmas to pick up my discount card. I shopped a bit while I was there and when I went to the register – after Trish so kindly and gleefully helped me find the perfect gifts – Trish rang up my items, giving me 21% off the most expensive item I had selected. That was it, easy peasy!!!!! Love this card!”

Lori Hammerschmidt
A Personal Fit

5. ” I signed up on line. It was extremely easy. I agonized over it for weeks finally my wonderful wife Laurie pulled up the website and I filled it out in 15 minutes.”

Dave Boley
Farmers insurance agent..

Monte Tareski