Haha’s Grill House: A Guest Post By Katie Wilcox

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My first food blog would have to be about Ha Ha’s Grill House at 2710 E. Garland. The mere thought of Ha Ha’s stops time and sends me away into my own mind in a, “Mmmmmm, I must go back soon,” moment. “Really? That good?” You might ask. And yes, it is. Already a fan of Korean cuisine, Ha Ha’s offered a whole new experience. After my first visit I quickly spread the word and found someone to take me back that same week. The first time I went with five other people and we got spoiled! The owner and cooks came out to make sure we were loving the food and kept bringing out new items that weren’t even on the menu. “One of my personal favorites.” The owner said, as she passed around some pickled bok choy.

You start with a menu of traditional Korean delicacies, my favorite being Bi Bim Bap. Everything is made with fresh ingredients and homemade sauces that will rock your tongue. This is the place to go to super hungry so you can really indulge. Get an appetizer and a Ramune soda. Before your main dish arrives you will get a tray of four amazing salads, but what salads you get to enjoy will be different each time. The salads I’ve had so far were spicy potato, seaweed, fresh creamy green pea and homemade kim chi.
Bring someone special, Ha Ha’s would be ideal for a first date. The freshness and flavor of the food is backed by the friendliest staff I have ever experienced. Your first time will not be your last. Please enjoy. 

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