Guilty Pleasure…

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Several years ago, my husband and I made a dramatic change in our eating style.  The change was simple enough, just very dramatic from what we were doing.  You see, we simply changed to eating whole foods.  What does that mean?  Well to put it in simple terms:  an apple is an apple and nothing else which equals a whole food.  Now, of coarse we combine whole foods to make meals.  We do our best to stay away from processed foods, pre packaged foods and frozen ready to eat meals.  We raise some of our food ourselves and grow our own garden.

We have discovered that this simple change made a big difference on how we felt physically as well as the positive impact it had on our grocery budget.  Do we eat whole foods 100% of the time?  No, of course we don’t.  There are times when it just is not possible for whatever the reason, crazy schedule, eating out, did not plan properly, etc.  But then there are the times that we look forward to and purposely plan for a non whole food night.  It is my guilty pleasure.  I strategically plan for it and I even have my go to meal.  Pizza

My most favorite go to pizza is a Papa Murphy’s (Take & Bake): 1/2 Chicken Bacon Stuffed with the creamy Alfredo sauce (for me) and 1/2 Five Meat Stuffed (For Monte).

If I am going to a Pizza Restaurant, my first choice is Round Table Pizza so I can counter act my guilty pleasure with there awesome salad bar and some good ol’ fashioned Hawaiian Pizza.

So tell me, what is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

I got to go for now, it’s time to put the pizza in the oven.

Pizza 2 Pizza



Kelly Tareski