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Grid Mark Signs

So you find yourself in need of some signage…..Wadda ya do? Look thu the phone book? No…That is now a stepping stool. Ask your friends. Well if you know someone who has needed some signs then yes. But really, I found Chris of Grid Mark Signs by asking around. We have the need for signage of all kinds. Not only for Spokane Grapevine but for Cascading Creations as well. Did I mention that I found Chris by word of mouth?
Man am I glad I did. If there was ever a poster boy for customer service it would be Chris and his staff. You see, probably the funniest story is his guys having to chase off our goats to be able to put up the sign on the side of our building. So just to re-cap….chase off goats, put up sign, chase off goats, put up more sign………tackle goats, put up sign. At the time I am sure that they didn’t think it was that funny, I however found it to be hilarious…..but I digress.
Grid Mark Signs has never and I mean NEVER let us down. They are always on-time with the sign I just had to have yesterday. They have put decals on all of our vehicles, our RV, our building, on posters, on banners and now I have Chris working on a special project involving PVC and our logo for Spokane Grapevine.
Did I mention that he is really reasonable in his pricing too? Amazing to me that he is good, fast and cheap…..NO WAY. Oh yea I said it. The tri-fecta of customer satisfaction. That is Grid Mark Signs for you…..

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