Greek Street Pizza and More by Spokane Grapevine and Emily G

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Ok….So here is the deal with this post. A loyal reader named Emily G was nice enough to leave us this comment in our blog comments section. I thought it was so perfect that instead of running all over just to meet the owners I figured I would just use her words. All I had to do was find some really cool pictures and plug in the links! Thank you Emily and if you all have a great review of a place in Spokane that needs that extra bit of attention just leave us a comment about it and hey…..I just might post it!

EmiG said…
I’d like to suggest you visit and review Greek Street Pizza & More. It’s on Indian Trail just north of Francis and owned by a Greek family. They’re on urbanspoon and facebook if you want to check them out. Delicious pizza, gyros like the ones I had in Europe, spanakopita to die for. Every time I go I fall in love with another dish they’ve created. They deserve more notice than they’ve gotten in the six months or so they’ve been open. I think you’ll love it! –Emily G. Greek Street also has a website!    As a side note…..Any business that can show a picture of three generations in their advertising gets my vote any day!

Greek Street Mediterranean Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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