“Grateful” by Mark Peterson

extreme team Mark Peterson monte tareski

Today we set up our social media center, cameras, routers and tons of wiring, placed so that Monday it won’t be in the way.
I am recording a little video to be played on the Northern Quest resort and casino live video stream…it won’t be live till tomorrow morning at 4:30 am….ish.

But as we do all this I see Monte taking a picture of Tillman……

The one thought that pops into my head is…..
I’m grateful for that

My son is roughly the same age and weight as Jaden only my son is healthy and very busy, today kicking a ball. Another reason to do this project…
So that Jaden can enjoy, experience and giggle right along with life.


Every family has challenges, but in every family there are things to be grateful for and every day these things can change.


Laughter, giggling and love are the reminders that all will be what it is and that’s ok. 
Monday we start a full on deconstruction and construction that will last 4 days…only 4 to get it all done

I am grateful for all the help that comes from everywhere to make the Extreme Team work
 (this is the link to the live web cam)
~Mark Peterson~ 

Monte Tareski