Grammar Police

Kelly's Take

I know I should pay better attention than I do on the use of proper grammar when I am writing, but I must confess that I do not really care.  If I use the wrong “there” or “you’re” instead of “you are”  and another one I abuse often is “course” vs “coarse”.  In my defense, I write like I talk, while doing my best to suppress my sailor mouth.  When I’m telling a story it is obvious which “their” I am referring to (or is it too). Therefore,  when I am writing I am telling a story and just figure you get my drift.  Really, I am not writing rocket science here.

Since Monte and I both do a lot of writing (not just for this blog) we will typically rely on each other to proof read our work before we send it off or publish it.  Here is the difference between Monte and I.  Monte is my personal “Grammar Police Officer”, he will catch me on every little “there, their and they’re” and explain to me again the rule all while smiling so endearing at me.  He will also make sure every punctuation is proper.  That is his analytically mind working.  I on the other hand, being an artist proof read very differently.  Yes, I look for typos by reading from the bottom of the story to the top all  backwards.  Then I focus on if the layout looks creative or at first glance pleasing to the eye. Is he using a good picture or bold text when appropriate, etc.  Then I will read the story from top to bottom to make sure it makes sense.  Although our writing styles my be a little similar, we have totally different proofing styles.

You maybe wondering why I am blogging about this topic today.  Well, you see my blog post yesterday I did not have Monte proof for me, because he was unavailable at the time I needed it proofed.  So I published it anyway.  Later that evening after dinner, we were relaxing and Monte asked me if I did a blog post.  With a beaming smile I looked him straight in the eye and proudly announced that I did and it was already published.  He smiled back at me as he was reaching for his iPad to read my post saying “You must have published a pictorial post today”.  Meaning no words only pictures as I will do that on occasion and just let my images tell the story.  Right then, I felt this horrible knot in my stomach, knowing full well that he would indeed find a misuse of proper grammar on my part.  I did proof read my post before publishing it, but remember we proof read very differently.  I sat there in silence, just waiting.  Then it happened, Monte let out a giggle and said “would you like me to fix it?”  I replied, “Let me guess, I used the wrong f-ing there.”  His response, “That’s why I love you…”

Over the coarse of our marriage so far, we have discovered how we compliment each other.  I guess that is why we make such a great team and can work together.  So, in closing just know that their will be times when you read my posts, that I will mess up on proper grammar usage.  I simply ask you to look past that and just listen to the story.



FYI:  Monte did NOT proof read this post, just so you know.

Til Next Time




Kelly Tareski