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Contact Person: Kathleen Sullivan
Company Name: ForeverGreen Illumination
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Spokane, WA. October 2011
Thousands of kWh of electricity, and thousands of dollars being saved by local businesses as a result of LED lighting retrofits in 2011.

As a result of a lighting retrofit from incandescent to LED, The Italian Kitchen restaurant is saving over 25,000 kWh of electricity. Bryce Kerr, the owner of the restaurant is committed to making his restaurant more “green” as well as reducing his energy consumption annually. He’s already seeing savings of hundreds of dollars per month on his electricity bill. The changes he has committed to in terms of carbon footprint reduction are equivalent to removing 5 cars from the road. FGI has also done retrofits for Solo Design Studio, a hair salon in the W. 1st area, saving 1,691 kWh of electricity annually and the Cataldo Investments Building at 111 Cataldo for their common areas, with savings of 27,098 kWh of electricity and a reduction of carbon emissions equaling 18 tons. Additionally, the lighting in the interior hallways of the office building went from drab and dark to bright and inviting as a result of high quality LED lighting. All three of the projects were done with the help of rebates from Avista Utilities and their lighting incentive program. These businesses are saving money and helping keep Spokane “green.”
Forever Green Illumination (FGI) is a lighting efficiency contractor, specializes in retrofitting existing commercial lighting to get the old “high energy” lighting out and the newer technologies in. FGI is trying to get business to understand the necessity of removing the old incandescent and halogen lamps and even the CFL (the compact fluorescent “twisty” lamps) due to high energy consumption as well as lead and mercury content of the CFL’s. The new technologies have more pleasing light, have either reduced or no hazardous waste and have a life of around 10 years before needing to change a light bulb again. You can replace a 100w light bulb with one that uses 12watts of energy. At an average 10 cents per watt for Spokane ‘s commercial electricity (and climbing), you can only imagine the difference on the utility bills. They believe that if you change a bulb, you can change the world.
FGI’s turn-key package includes full lighting energy survey of your building, Retrofit By Design matches of your existing lighting to recommended alternatives, submission and negotiation of your incentive amount from your utility, full warranty support and at no extra charge, FGI is licensed to provide you with your 179D Epact Certification to receive a tax deduction on your energy retrofit.
For more information go to fgillumination.com

Contact Person: Kathleen Sullivan
Company Name: ForeverGreen Illumination
Telephone Number: 509-951-2290
Fax Number: 866-560-6809
Email Address: [email protected]
Web site address: www.fgillumination.com

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