Gizmo Fabrication by Spokane Grapevine

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Gizmo Fabrication
This guy walks into our shop the other day and says “Hi I’m Thomas and I make metal art”. Ok….I’ll have to admit that we get a lot of people walking off the street or cold calling us wanting to be a vendor at GardenStone. This guy had two things going for him right out of the chute. 1. He named his business after his dog and 2. He makes some really cool stuff at a reasonable price. 
The pink boots you see below he will be making exclusively for us by the way.” So that must mean you accepted him as a vendor” you must be saying to yourself. “Why yes we have” I would reply.
Not only does he make really cool stuff like tractors and lamp thingys but he is just a really cool guy with a great comeback story that involves a motorcycle and a very unforgiving road…..

 I wont bore you with the story of his comeback, just suffice to say that it is worth the listen some time. These couple of pictures are just a sample of the many versitle things Thomas can do with a Plazma Torch and a piece of metal. In the couple of hours that we spent chatting today he came up with a plethora of ideas for future projects (did you see how I snuck a 2 dollar word in there?). Any way take a look at Gizmo Fabrication’s website for more of the many things he can do. And do you wanna know the coolest thing about Thomas? He is gonna bring his aluminum welder to the shop and help me fix a pair of metal Elk that the horns broke off a of last winter…..Let’s just say he ROCKS!

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