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Gallery of THUM
If I have learned something in my many blog posts and tracking the number of “reads” I get, it would be this….Keep it short and get to the point. So here is a list of what I like about Gallery of THUM.
  • Cool Stuff
  • Cool Staff
  • Interesting Stuff
  • Interesting Staff
  • Artsy Stuff 
  • Artsy Staff

So there you go……Ok I’ll elaborate a bit. I happened to be heading up North Monroe today and my eye caught Gallery of Thum…I thought, what the heck I have a few minutes, I’ll stop in and meet Cecile Charles and Gallery of THUM. I spent the next two hours chatting with Cecile.

We talked about all kinds of things from networking to art, but a big focus was all of the stuff Cecile has going on. She is a real go-getter and I applaud her for all of the work she has put into her new store and the relationships she has fostered around her art. I could go into a lot of detail, but lets just say, you need to stop by and experience this all yourself. You won’t regret it……at all.

The picture above is of Cecile with her art. Nice work!. I do have to say that the big metal Elephant was my favorite though……It made me laugh when I put my @ symbol on it and took the picture…..I’m such a big kid…..

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