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Well now here we are with our first post on blogger for the Spokane Grapevine. We will be adding this blog post to our own blog on The Spokane Grapevine Blog. We thought it appropriate that our first blog would be to celebrate local small business in the Spokane Area. We initially went out to review Chaps Coffee Company on The Cheney-Spokane road but found it to be too crowded to find a seat (we will go back another time) so we wandered accross the parking lot to a wonderful little shop called The Foxy Horse and Hound. located at 4241 S. Cheney Spokane Rd. Suite “B” Spokane, WA 99224. We spent some time milling around the small store that specializes as a country gallery of tack apparel, home decor, and gifts. We were about to leave when the owner, Carolyn Bohlman, came in. We had a wonderful chat with her about Social Media and what it can do for her business. Monte even set up her computer to access her fan page on facebook more eaisly. All that aside we found out more about her as a business owner and how she started her business. You really need to take a few minutes and just chat with small business owners to find out their passion for their business. What WE found is a story not unlike ours and a wonderful store owner with a great story. Even though Carolyn was knee deep into painting her own deck at home, she ran to the store to take care of her customers. Isn’t that just the way it is for small business owners?

We will keep these reviews short and readable in hopes of getting more attention to the mom and pop busineses that have made this nation what it is today. We salute The Foxy Horse and Hound for it’s dedication to it’s customers and the foundation of this great country.

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