The First Real Snow Of 2015

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Some of the stuff I will write about will be…Well…mundane. Some of you may find it fun. Like this post for example.

You see there is some things that make living in the country more inherently difficult than living in town. Lets use a heavy snowfall as an example. Well, since it has always been a way of life for me, I really wouldn’t know any other way so in effect I am just assuming. However I would highly doubt that I would find a guy firing up his 1947 ford tractor to back drag his driveway in town. Why you ask? Well, for one a tractor really takes up too much room in a two car garage and two, most guys just say….I’ll just wait till it melts.

Normally I would be a “I’ll just wait till it melts” guy but with the amount of snow they are predicting I figured it was just about time to warm that old baby up and give her a spin. It didn’t help that my wife was looking out the window and said several times….”hmmmmm…I wonder if our driveway needs plowed”. NOW for all of you that are married this is NOT really a question but rather a statement of fact that indeed the driveway needs to be plowed and since I’m the tractor driver that I had better get on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I would normally use any excuse to fire up the tractor and well, she really only needed to say that once. Boots on, gloves on, safety gear on (a bright sweatshirt) and out I go. In some respects I actually wished I had more to plow…I can do our driveway and all around the house in about ten minutes. Wait. hey, don’t the donkeys need plowed out. Yeah, I think they do.

So the long and the short of it is that…I really like my 1947 Ford tractor and will gladly go out and fire her up to move snow, hay, manure, cats, dogs, or just about anything else that will fit in the bucket.

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Monte Tareski

Monte Tareski