Extreme Team by Spokane Grapevine (Part One)

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Extreme Team

This is just going to be a short post today. Spokane Grapevine has been asked by Mark Peterson and KXLY to help promote their up coming Extreme Team project (and all future projects). I have been working with Mark for the last couple of weeks getting things in order to launch their next project into the Social Media realm. They have done so many projects for our community that, until now, have been under the radar. It is our goal to take Extreme Team projects to the Top of Mind in, not only, conventional media but here in the Social world as well.
The first project that we are teaming up on has not been officially announced yet, but when it does I will be sure to post all of the details
Please stay tuned for all the great details of the folks needing the assistance of Extreme Team and the people behind making it all happen.

With Mark Peterson involved I guarantee it will be a fun ride!

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