Exhaustion by Mark Peterson

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Wrap up of day two and the question is … you look tired. 
I am , but these projects push everyone to the brink of exhaustion and beyond…
Yet everybody is smiling and joking. 
Chris looked at me and said I’m about spent… I said well we have to patch this ceiling where the swring will hold … from me looking for material to turning around and Chris was fired up again and moving getting it done saying 
I got this…..  
That happens so many times…as VIP’s come in to visit, those who have given a lot and are seeing their donations put in , it is my part to tell the story.
Jaden’s story and why the Extreme Team exists… 

I have written about it, talked about it but as the day two wraps up and 4 hours of sleep keeps me standing the chocked up feeling returns with every telling. Grown men have cried this week, they have given personal touches to there assignments and have swept others dust just to help.  the pleasure I derive from seeing Deacon and all the others work together for the first time ,as if they have been a team for years puts all of this exhaustion into perspective… we are suppose to be here, I know it and they know it…and now you know it.   we are making this house livable for a family and making memories at the same time. Till tomorrow when the steps come slower and the tired looks are longer..the project draws closer to and end…another cup or 5 of coffee and away we go. 
~Mark Peterson~
Editor’s note (Monte) This Blog Post was written by Mark at 5:05 PM tonight. Right now he is back downstairs working out the details for tomorrow’s work. He is an inspiration to all on this project!

Monte Tareski