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The Day After


So I’ve taken to reading a really cool little “night stand” book. It’s called “Really important stuff my kids have taught me” The fun part is reading the little one liners and interpreting them into my everyday life. Today’s quote is “Every day comes with a day after”. How true is that? Think about it.

Some people will automatically assume that it is to look at a bad day and think about letting it go because “there is always tomorrow”…you know, that sort of thing. However, here is how I choose to look at it.

Every day comes with a day after…

  • The day after I married my wife…The bliss of looking to our future together. Love you Kelly!
  • The day after my kids were born…Can that much love be in such a small package?
  • The day after signing the papers for my first home…I can put a hole in that wall right there and no one will care. Oh wait…See number one. Sorry honey I’ll get the sheet rock.
  • The day after arriving in Finland to start my exchange student adventure…Holy crap, what did I get myself into?
  • The day after I realized that my life was going in a whole new direction…More to come on that soon on this subject.
  • The day after getting up to Bull Hill Guest Ranch…Yes, this is the place where gratitude lives
  • The day after going on a 9 hour cattle drive at Bull Hill Guest Ranch…OK let’s just skip that one (refer to above)
  • The day after a great win by a football team I was coaching…This is just flat out grin time!
  • The day after graduating from EWU….OK, now what?
  • The day after finishing harvest…Oh man is that a great day!
  • The day after getting my drivers license…I’m fairly certain that I drove across the county three times that day.

The day after……

I could go on and on about the day after significant events or turning points in my life but I believe you get the picture. The day after for me is not an escape from the present. It is truly a look to the future for more possibilities. For you it may mean putting a bad day behind you or the same as me, either way it is your take on life just as the above is My Take On Life…


Monte and Kelly Tareski 2008


Bull HIll Guest Ranch Triangle

Monte and Kelly Tareski Coaching Softball


Yours Truly

Monte Tareski


Monte Tareski