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For starters this was probably the easiest entry we have ever had to write. You see, we have been a fan of Eagles Nest Espresso since the day they opened their windows for service. If you find yourself out on highway 291 towards Suncrest look for a little wide spot in the road before the dam. This is the official hub of Nine Mile Falls (well it’s where the Post Office is anyway). This is where you you will find the BEST and I really mean the BEST coffee drinks in town (trust us on this one). The owners, Laurie and Dave (well Laurie anyway) have taken the extra time with each of their employees to train them in customer service. Each of the ladies that run the stand are now friends of ours, whether or not they still work at the stand. That aside what you really want to know about (I’m assuming) are the drinks……Well, that is where we feel we can offer up a little expertise, see we own our own coffee stand….We have been to Craven’s coffee (that is who supplies their coffee). The Eagles Nest team is consistent, you always know that you are going to get the right drink the first time and each time you order it. Just ask Kelly about her “Almond-Rocha Mocha” I’m pretty sure they stock extra syrup just for her…and as for me it’s hard to screw up an Americano…..but they never have……

So if you want a Super-Double-Secret, quad shot, half caff, machiatto, latte……I’m sure they could figure out how to make it. Do yourself a favor and stop by on your way to or from Suncrest. You won’t be disappointed. After my Quad-Shot Americano I definitely tend to Soar like an Eagle all the way into town…..

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