Drop Dead Gorgeous: A guest blog post from Chelsea Dannen

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Drop Dead Gorgeous
You are drop dead gorgeous. Men, I do realize only a minority of you spend time and money on beautification. However, women spend hundreds of dollars in hairstyles, manicures, pedicures, and skin treatments to enhance their beauty. I was not born with perfect skin, obedient hair, or acceptance of what some people call ‘natural beauty.’ I thank my lucky stars (and my funky ‘do) that Spokane has options for every beauty service you may need.

Vida Salon & Spa is a refreshing, new, hip salon near the central YMCA. The stylists hear your needs while providing experience and funk to your style. Need a facial or manicure too? They’ve got it. Strata Salon on Lincoln & 1st downtown houses hardworking gals who keep up a joyful attitude. Keilah even stayed late to make sure my style was just right. Marguerite’s Nail Boutique in the Flour Mill feels like home the minute you walk in; you may even get a glass of wine while your nails are drying. Cashmere (also in the Flour Mill) offers many aesthetic services in a classy, personal atmosphere – without making you feel like you should’ve taken a Xanax before you left the house.

Ladies: You ARE drop dead gorgeous. But, if you relish in those pampering moments, I encourage you to look around your neighborhood for those diamonds in the rough; the talent and style in this city is what we make of it! 


Chelsea Dannen is an EWU Graduate who sees the beauty in Spokane. She currently works at the Spokane Better Business Bureau and enjoys writing about her Spokane adventures in her spare time.


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