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Drone Footage Monte's Take

Getting drone view of downtown Spokane WA can be a challenge.

So we (Kelly and I) were doing a photo shoot yesterday for iMortgage Spokane. Ok to be truthful, SHE was doing a photo shoot and I was moving furniture around their office for the clients to sit on. The important thing is that I was there spending quality time supporting her in her photography business but just as important, I brought the drone with us too. Their office is situated just off the Spokane river right across the river from the INB Convention center. After all the inside photography was done we sauntered outside for some exterior photo shots. In my book that is time to fire up a four propeller filming machine and have a little fun. The staff at iMortgage was thrilled (not kidding) as Kelly took pictures of them by the river and I floated above them with a high resolution camera capturing the beautiful skyline behind them.

Keep in mind that this is right next to the Red Lion hotel and, well, to be honest I was worried that there would be a complaint about a drone outside the hotel. Lowe and behold along came a Red Lion staff member to keep an eye on what I was doing. He was “picking up garbage”. I assured him that the camera was pointed in the other direction to which he replied “great, I really just wanted to watch a drone in action.

So I was able to get some pretty cool footage of Riverfront Park and The Performing Arts Center along with a great back shot of Spokane Downtown Skyline. I recon I was less than 150 feet in the air by the time I reached where I wanted to be. You can see some of the roofline of the Red Lion in part of the video. The drone footage and view is only about a minute long and set to some fun music. I hope you enjoy the view and keep your eye out for more.

Yours Truly

Monte Tareski




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