Drone Crash At Bull Hill Guest Ranch First Hand View

Drone Footage Monte's Take

Have you ever wondered what a drone crash looks like up close? Take a look at this drone crash footage from Bull Hill Guest Ranch.

So you can’t exactly expect to log the kind of hours I have done behind the controls of a drone and not expect a few mishaps…

We have spent a great deal of time at Bull Hill Guest Ranch on several occasions filming anything from riding to cattle drives. The drone is an amazing tool for capturing just what you want and the essence of the landscape.

On this particular occasion I had just finished filming the cowboys and riders heading off into the trees and had a few minutes to myself to just “play around”. Being confidant in my ability to pilot the craft I thought I would take her through some “speed descents”. Well come to find out drones don’t really like to come down as fast as I would like. She went into a “death descent” and now I know why they call them that. Ironically I didn’t even break a prop on this crash (that infers that I’ve had other crashes, which I have…). The long tall grass and the angle of descent obviously protected my [very expensive] little tool from damage.

Needless to say, the footage that I got from that crash was actually kind of fun (albeit painful) to watch after the fact. I have to say though…running across the field to retrieve her was a little heart pounding….and not because I was running.

In case you are wondering. I did pick some pretty goofy music to bed the video..It was by design..

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Monte Tareski