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Every once in awhile you run across a place so quaint that you feel almost compelled to share…..Wait a minute, did I say quaint? Yep I believe I did. New sentence coming down in three….two… Every now and again you find a joint so cool you have to give a shout out to your buddies…..OK that was better. Dolly’s Cafe is just such a place. We (me and my boys) went to this cool greasy spoon recently on a Saturday morning. Now I’ll have to admit that going to a popular cafe on a Saturday morning was probably not the best choice. But a testament to how great this place is, was the line of folks waiting to eat there. The line moved quickly and my boys wanted to sit at the counter anyway….did I mention that they had a counter? My boys loved that most I think. The wait staff was fantastic and the short order cook even better. With an “ORDER UP” and a “How’s your flapjacks” coming from the see thru kitchen window the boys were just a grinnin’ from ear to ear. The food was great to boot. Usually you would go into a restaraunt and pass judgement based on their food, right? Not the case with Dolly’s. The food was just a portion of the “Dolly’s Experience”. All in all we had a great expeirence there and did not feel rushed to leave at all. By the end of our breakfast we had made some new friends (not just the wait staff, but the patrons as well). If you find yourself on North Washington street it would behoove you to say “Hello Dolly” for a great weekend breakfast! 

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