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Here is a little tid bit some of you may not know about me.  I am a photographer.  I specialize in natural light, outdoor photography.  I have the privileged of being able to work from my home.  I live on 6 acres and have spent a lot of time creating photography venues on my property.  When I say “I have”, let me be clear that I mean “my husband” has.  I explain the idea I have in my head and he builds my venue to meet my vision.  I have a love for all things country and vintage, so this crosses over into my photography work.  Most of my props and venues are the real deal. Vintage Tub FB WM

Ladies 4714 vintage FB WM

Kolby 0028 vintage FB WM

A&G 3250 FB WM

From my 1947 Ford Truck to my 1965 Shasta Trailer.  My Barn wall is a favorite which was all built by re-purposing an old fence.  On the flip side of the 16′ barn wall is my what I call my urban wall, full of rusty tin and cool junk.

0845 FB WM

However, just a couple weeks ago my husband helped me create an indoor studio space.  This has been something I have wanted to do for awhile now, but it just seemed to overwhelming to accomplish.  Well we spent 5 days purging and organizing and now I have an indoor studio space to use during inclement weather or for my tiny little newborns during the cold days of winter.

After Window

After Prop Storage

After Corner

If you would like to see more of my work, please feel free to visit my Facebook page at Kelly Tareski Photography and or my website at KellyTareskiPhotography.com.


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