Day One Extreme Team By Mark Peterson

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Here a quick story on day one…this is the wall that Clow construction cleaned and prepped for VPI Home solutions to come cover with this Hardy siding that was delivered to our site by this truck, nice driver and clean truck on time by ProBuild.
 Inside was a couple of guys who seem to work for a rather quiet company because I had to take this shot of their ladder to let you know Summit Electrical was here all day and back tomorrow. 
The siding and waste lumber had to go somewhere so everyone carried it out to this 30 yard dumpster that ABCO donated…they let everyone know…that is a big sign for a company with a big heart.  just a quick story with pictures..these kind of books Tillman and I read together…my 7 year old walks, talks and runs…Shane can’t walk or run because of a very bad man …we have very good Men and Women who love to help others and in return we love them. Thank you.
Mark Peterson

Monte Tareski