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Really…..? Have I gone completely nuts? What would motivate me to go to a “Girly-Girl” store?  Well let me tell ya….My wife did.

Naw, just kiddin’….it was actually MY idea. If you know anything about me from reading my blog posts you will know that I love visiting businesses to find out the “story behind the counter”. It dosen’t matter what you sell or do.

I got into a brief email conversation with Trish Comrie this morning about her donating a gift certificate from The Corner Cottage for our next contest on facebook and I thought…….What the heck….Kelly and I were off to the races, so to speak.

First to greet us was Hayley, the pet rescue puppy. We are dog people, so….”instant like”. Then I spent some time just listening before introducing myself. I quickly realized that Trish and her mom were my kind of people. As Kelly walked the store, I was focused on taking a few pictures and just learning about them. Let me tell you right now, these are some really cool people to be around, and better yet, give your business to. They started The Corner Cottage a year and a half ago in the Garland District, and have been growing ever since. Trish shared a lot of trials and tribulations about starting a business like this from scratch, all of which we could relate to. 

They sell…..yep…….you guessed it, “Girly” stuff, and permanent cosmetics. Here are some of the things you may not know by just walking in the store though. Some of their inventory is made right here in the Northwest by artisans in the Spokane area. Ok, that is an automatic check mark in the “awesome” catagory in my book. Their inventory tags are hand made by special needs students at Mead High School, CHECK. Trish and her Mom run the store themselves, CHECK. They live right here in Spokane, CHECK. They have a REALLY cute puppy, CHECK. All of these are great reasons, by themselves, to become a loyal fan of theirs, but put them all together and you have yourself a home run. [did you see how I snuck a little “guy” stuff in there at the end?]

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  1. Steffan - December 29, 2010 10:39 am

    The Corner Cottage is an amazing store. I love what they have to offer. Trish and Christina are amazing heartwarming individuals . Their dog Hayley is just a bundle of joy and is so playful. I love The Corner Cottage is one of the best stores in Spokane, possibly in the whole Great Northwest. I will see myself shopping there for gifts for years to come. Thank you for your great service and i love the idea of having special needs kids make your tags , keeping them involved is very important . Thank you once again. God Bless

  2. John - December 29, 2010 2:35 pm

    Corner Cottage is the best place in the world! i went in to get a present for my mother and came out with a new family. Trish and Christina were just Awesome. And that little pup Hayley is so darn cute I almost left with her. I suggest the Corner Cottage to everyone. Great place to go give business too. If you don't believe me go check it out yourself.