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Ok….so…There we were…..we had decided to go into town to review a business to find out that the one we went to review had closed…I’ll have to say we were a little bummed…..So whadda ya do when you are bummed? Well you go in search of Chocolate…..and frosting……and cookies and free coffee. Well that’s what we do anyway. Are we ever glad we did. You see we came across Celebrations ~ A Cookie and Cupcake Boutique and upon entering we realized that we had found THE most unique little bit-o paradise in Spokane….as I am writing this I am feasting on a crumb of that paradise right now (cuz that’s all that’s left).

We were greeted by Christina and Mike….and OMG are they cool! Former tech industry professionals, they sold everything, quit their jobs and started a bakery. The tech industries loss was definitely our gain. What struck us first was their story (which I think they would be happy to tell you all about), and their attitude. They LOVE what they do and it shows. They make cupcakes and cookies…..really? Who wouldn’t love to do that? Drop the stress of tech life and boom….makin’ cakes….WE LOVED it.

As good as their story was….the punctuation to the story was the goods. I say that because they must have had 15 kinds of cupcakes and cookies to choose from. Kelly stood there for 15 minutes just staring in awe. Here’s the kikker though….they don’t just look good. They are AWESOME to eat. Take it from a cake aficionado they kick the pigskin thru the uprights if you catch my drift….

It is really difficult to close this blog post due to the fact that we could ramble on and on about this incredible couple that has started the only Cupcake and Cookie Boutique in Spokane. If there is a business that deserves your patronage it would have to be Celebrations. Christina and Mike have found a way to celebrate life every day and share it with everyone who walks in their boutique. Thank you both for sharing a little of your day with us today.

You can find Celebrations~ A cookie and cupcake boutique on facebook.
And in person at 713 West Garland in Spokane 327-3471
Or you can Check out their Urbanspoon profile.

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