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Cedar House Soaps
Sooooo…..there is this little house off of State Highway 57 up in Priest River a ways. There are a couple of really neat people up yonder. They make soap. Yep, soap. That just kinda sounds funny doesn’t it? So what do you do for a living? Well I make soap. Well let me tell you right now that what they do with soap like material is make little bars of smell good that will turn your senses inside out. Right, I know, in the last week or two I have spent the time writing about some seriously girly stuff? But here is the deal. If you write about girly stuff you will find stuff that will please your wife. My philosophy is Happy Wife, Happy Life. Are you taking notes guys?  
So enough of the disclaimer and down to a serious review of Cedar House Soap. Better yet, this is about Jennifer and Troy. Jennifer is like one of the most down to earth gals you would ever have the chance to meet. And Troy…..don’t even get me started. Any guy that would encourage his wife to follow her dream, better yet, help her follow her dream is a check mark in my “KICK BUTT” category. 
Jennifer and Troy live in Priest River Idaho and make some seriously cool products. Now you may be wondering. Why would I drive up to Priest River just to buy soap? See, that is the really great part Cedar House Soaps has a website. You can just order on-line. Now if you want to try before you buy then you can find them at several stores around town and such major events as The Farm Chicks show in June. The best way to find them is on-line. Heck they even have a facebook page! Now instead of listing all the really nifty (yes, I said nifty) stuff. I have just copied their description of what they do right off the front page of their website. If you feel the need for soap (amongst other things) by all means these are the people to get a hold of….You wanna know why? Cuz they have a huge check mark in the “KICK BUTT” catagory.

 Here you go…..
At Cedar House Soaps you will find an array of quality
handmade soaps, lotions, balms, lip butters and natural
bath goods.  With old fashioned  flare, all of our products are
handcrafted with the upmost care using natural ingredients,
pure essential oils,and top quality fragrance oils.We are a
small handcrafted artisan based business that is  family

               owned and operated in the small town of Priest River, ID.


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