Working Away The Day

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I was so busy yesterday building our new website that I broke one of my own cardinal rules…. I totally forgot to do a blog post yesterday….. So I thought I would give you all a sneek peek at what we were working on…. Social Media 13 will make it’s official debut on October 1st…… That’s our goal anyway….. We…

Shout Out Saturday

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Hey. I just had an original thought (well it was to me anyway). You know how on Twitter they have the #FF or Friend Follow Friday deal? Well what if we started a SOS or a Shout Out Saturday where we mentioned 3 other business pages a week on Facebook? You don’t have to, but I sure am gonna….Just spreading…

How Can I Read Tweets Of Others Without Having A Twitter Account?


How Can I Read Tweets Of Others Without Having A Twitter Account? :

This Is Just A Test

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I need your help for just a minute…. I am going to post (after this post) a series of blog posts with links to different blogs. Can you please go to those posts and click on the links (don’t worry they are not a virus)….This is not a ploy to get all of you to read the posts (although that…

Expanding Our Horizons: Twitter Tips and Tricks

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Check out one of the five websites we are putting together. With the help of SEO Web Designs we are able to bring you all aspects of social media integration to help you manage your on-line reputation. You can see the whole website by clicking on this link.. Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks

Spokane Twitter Peeps

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As I make more and more use of Twitter and am finding connections all over the planet. It dawned on me there has been no comprehensive list of Twitter Peeps in the Spokane area. So here is my goal. I am in the process of compiling a list of all the people in Spokane (and Couer d’ alene) that have…