Winners of the “Photos of the Great Northwest” contest by Spokane Grapevine

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 First place with 94 votes was Stillpoint Photography By Angela Parris. Second place with 72 votes was Walter and Candi Kachnik of CW Colored Perfomance Horses Third place with 49 votes was this great photo by Northwest Artistic Photograpy by Chris Thompson Monte & Kelly TareskiSpokane GrapevineGardenStone CreaionsCascading CreationsEmail 

Stillpoint Photography by Angela Parris

kelly tareski monte tareski spokane grapevine Stillpoint Photography

Okie dokie…….So Kelly tells me this morning that our photo shoot is still on. It’s cold, it’s snizziling and it’s an hour drive to “The Ranch”……grumble, grumble…..grumble. All of that melted away when Angela Parris of Stillpoint Photography showed up right behind us with a warm hug and a Thermos full of hot chocolate. The kids were troopers, I will…