Page Rage: Spokane Grapevine Pages!

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Just a quick update…. Three sign ups for Spokane Grapevine Pages today. As it says in the previous post we will be promoting them very soon! The list of those taking charge of their own future is growing by leaps and bounds. Monte & Kelly Tareski SpokaneGrape on Twitter Spokane Grapevine Spokane Grapevine Social Media ConsultingCascading CreationsGardenStoneEmail

Introducing Spokane Grapevine “PAGES”

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We are proud to introduce….. Spokane Grapevine “PAGES” With your Spokane Grapevine Page you are getting a unique URL with your business name as a page title and up to four keywords as the URL address. An example of this would be:Page Name: Corner CottagePage URL:  With your Spokane Grapevine page you are piggy backing off of the thousands of…