Adding YouTube To Spokane Grapevine

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We have taken Promotion of Spokane Businesses to a whole new level. Check out our YouTube Channel! Don’t be surprised to see us at your business with iPad in hand. Not only is it a great way to showcase a business, but it’s just plain fun!     Monte & Kelly Tareski SpokaneGrape on Twitter Spokane Grapevine Spokane Grapevine Social Media…

MerchantCircle Helping Local Business

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I have just spent the last couple of days with the team from MerchantCircle. We did some fun stuff like the Skeet Shooting and touring the beautiful vineyards of Norther California. All of that was well and good but the true enjoyment for me was meeting with the engineers and the staff that are behind the scenes at MerchantCircle. I…

MerchantCircle: Shotguns and Chardonnay

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Simple Blog Post tonight. We spent some time doing some “not so internety” things today. They called this their Shotgun event…..Not exactly what you have in mind when you think of a multi-national internet business community. But what it does show (me anyways) is that the CEO of the company (Ben Smith pictured left) can get in there and have…

Thank You Dave Tareski

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I just want it on the record that I love and respect my father and all that he has done for his family. I don’t think I know a man that has worked harder in his life. I can only hope that when my achievements are measured that they will hold a candle to all that he has accomplished. I…

Get In There and Get It Done!

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I want to preface this with one thing. I don’t want this to sound like a negative. I truly would like for you to read this and come away motivated to help yourself and your business. I have spent many a day giving business owners a leg up and showing them how to improve their own exposure on facebook, Spokane…

Fourth Of July and Your Pets From Pooch Parlor Of Spokane

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 This is a re-post from the blog on The Pooch Parlor on Facebook The Pooch Parlor has a website With America’s birthday just around the corner I thought I would take a moment to talk about this holiday. It brings us great joy as we celebrate our freedom’s. However this isn’t a grand time for most of our furry…

Adventure Courage Joy: A Guest Post Stolen From Chelsea Dannen

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      “I Have To Do ALL The Grown-Up Work!” I dreaded summertime as an 8 year old. Every morning when I woke up, I had a list of chores screaming at me – Vacuum the upstairs! Scrub the inside AND outside of toilets! Weed the garden! Dust the living room! Make your bed! Sweep AND mop the kitchen!!…

Page Rage: Spokane Grapevine Pages!

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Just a quick update…. Three sign ups for Spokane Grapevine Pages today. As it says in the previous post we will be promoting them very soon! The list of those taking charge of their own future is growing by leaps and bounds. Monte & Kelly Tareski SpokaneGrape on Twitter Spokane Grapevine Spokane Grapevine Social Media ConsultingCascading CreationsGardenStoneEmail

Headin’ South I Am, To MerchantCircle That Is

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As I have said in a recent post. I have been invited again this year to head to Mountain View California to meet with the MerchantCircle Team. It’s not just to meet with the team (although I would be happy with just that) They are flying us down for their 5th anniversary celebration with multiple events slated. I am particularly…

Shout Out To Writers

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Every once in awhile I like to just throw it out there. Do you like to write stories? Do you like Spokane? Have you visited somewhere in The Inland Northwest that you would like to shout to the mountain tops? Let us know and we might just feature your story as a guest post on Spokane Grapevine. Send me an…