100 Rules To Live By I Love Number 21

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Sometimes no explanation is needed. I found this list on Tickld.com and felt it was worth making into a picture. I love almost every one of these rules of life to live by.

Every Day Comes With The Day After

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The Day After   So I’ve taken to reading a really cool little “night stand” book. It’s called “Really important stuff my kids have taught me” The fun part is reading the little one liners and interpreting them into my everyday life. Today’s quote is “Every day comes with a day after”. How true is that? Think about it. Some…

It’s OK To Be Still…

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The Simple Truth

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Sometimes this simplest things will make me take a quick stock of where I am and where I want to be. I randomly clicked on an email link this afternoon and got a very welcome message. It was quite frankly where I am today. Especially today when life took a great turn. I believe the following statement to be true….