Extreme Team Day One Shane Reilly Project

extreme team KXLY Mark Peterson monte tareski

Day one of the Shane Reilly project for the Extreme Team has come and been conquered. I am writing this at around 7:30 P.M. and I just got home. I was there with Deacon Band of Band Construction mapping out the events to come for tomorrow. The kicker is that Mark Peterson left about 5 minutes before Deacon and myself….

The Sunday Jitters By Mark Peterson

extreme team KXLY Mark Peterson monte tareski

So the jitters have set in on this Sunday…yea it could be the two quad mochas, but that was hours ago… It really comes down to what will happen this week.  The Extreme Team is a body of people who really get moving but I have asked many to drop what they are doing and join in…sooo many calls ,…

Fun With Twitter And KXLY

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I found this really old picture of KXLY’s logo….. It’s from 1966 I found it ironic that they had twitter back in 1966…..I think they called it a chicken coop though. I had a great time this morning helping Nadine, Mark and Mike get the feel for their relatively new twitter accounts. For a moment there I thought Nadine was…

Twitter Is Serious Business

KXLY Spokane Blogs spokane grapevine

I take my workshops seriously. Especially for the Good Morning Northwest news staff. We have been working on Twitter the last couple of weeks.  Check out the video.  Ok….Maybe it’s not so serious….But it was fun….and it made my kids laugh while we were recording it. Monte & Kelly Tareski SpokaneGrape on Twitter Spokane Grapevine Spokane Grapevine Social Media ConsultingCascading CreationsGardenStone

Mainstream Media And Social Media With KXLY

Blogs colleed o'brien Erik Loney Facebook Good Morning Northwest KXLY Mark Peterson Mike Gonzales Nadine Woodward

Spokane Grapevine has been hired by KXLY to provide Social Media Consulting to the Good Morning Northwest Staff. Nadine Woodward Mike Gonzales Mark Peterson Colleen O’Brien and Erik Loney   Our weekly meetings involve subjects from facebook to blogging and everything in between. Having just come from our third seminar I felt compelled to write a little something. I am…

Jaden’s Journey; Cook Forms

Cascading Creations Cook Forms extreme team gardenstone creations KXLY Mark Peterson monte tareski

The digging started today! The forms are being set tomorrow So….What are forms Forms are what goes around the concrete to hold it in place till the concrete cures Until today I wasn’t able to get a picture of Steve Cook of Cook forms. Steve has been with Mark and The Extreme Team since day one. Steve was the man…