My Daughter Madison

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My Daughter, who is 8 years old mind you, is now writing a guest blog post once a week on my wife’s blog My Take On Life Below is an snippet of the post (Click on the title [Critter Chores] to read the whole post) It is a proud moment when a man’s daughter starts to spread her wings…… Critter Chores Here…

My Take On Life: Follow Up Changes

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I am not going to write a whole lot today. I have been working on my wife’s blog…..YOU  have to go look at My Take On Life….Pay particular attention to the bar at the bottom of the page. This is the most interactive you can be on a website or blog without a doubt. I love the look and feel…

My Take On Life: A Branding Story

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I have spent the last week on and off taking my wife to the next level of branding. I don’t mean that I stuck her with a hot iron…….although……  Naw just kidding. What I have been working on is coaching her into how to use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and different tools in her own website to create a single uniform…

Bloggin’ From The Tent

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I decided to take a break from writing a real blog post (oh, wait….that’s what I’m doing) and just give you a snapshot into our lives. This is where I spend many an evening giving you a glimpse into Spokane while my wife is soaking in the outdoor tub. I know it’s not much of a post but, as you…

My Take On Life

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If you want to read a really well written blog about country living here in the Great Northwest then, My Take On Life will fit the bill. Don’t think of it as a blog….Think of it as a magazine with really great pictures. I just spent the whole day setting up a YouTube account, re-designing the main page and connecting…

Spokane: A Great Little City

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With blogger being down for over 30 hours yesterday, you would think it would have given me the oportunity to come up with something really cool. Well that was simply not the case. What I would like to say is that I have, in my many posts, come across so many wonderful people in Spokane. All of these people are…

It’s All About The Coffee: A Guest Post By Katie Wilcox

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By calling yourself a snob, of any sorts, i.e.: a beer snob, wine snob or coffee snob, you may think you are limiting yourself to only the best when the truth of the matter is, you are just limiting yourself. Have your favorites but don’t cut yourself off from the thrill of unexplored territory. I am guilty of this unsavory…

Ritters Nursery: Mother’s Day

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 We went to Ritters Nursery today. We finally got to meet the ever energetic Cathye Bordwell. She has been a fantastic supporter of the Spokane Grapevine since we started the page less than a year ago. The store was buzzing with activity. It was so refreshing to see dollars being spent right here in our local economy. It couldn’t be…

Time For A Break

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We the owners of the Spokane Grapevine are celebrating our anniversary…. True to a post a day… Here is my post Enjoy your eveining as I know we will! Monte & Kelly Tareski SpokaneGrape on Twitter Spokane Grapevine Spokane Grapevine Social Media ConsultingCascading CreationsGardenStoneEmail

Stuff The Bus: A Guest Blog Post By Jesse Sheldon

Jessie Sheldon kelly tareski monte tareski spokane grapevine Stuff The Bus

Spring is a time when most young men’s minds begin to wander and their thoughts turn to things other than school. Some think of baseball, some think of cars, some think of girls, and I was trying to solve a problem. It was the Spring of 2010 and I needed to figure out how to conduct a legitimate campaign to…