2012 Coming Attractions

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One more layer of promotion.  We are gearing up to help local small businesses with their event marketing projects. Coming soon to a facebook page near you. Stay tuned for details! Monte & Kelly TareskiSocial Media 13Twitter Marketing Tips And TricksFacebook Marketing Tips and TricksBlogging ReporterSpokane Grapevine on BloggerSpokane Grapevine on TwitterSpokane Grapevine’s YouTubeSpokane Grapevine on FacebookCascading CreationsMy Take on…

Making Changes For The Better

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We really have been running around like chickens with….well you know the saying. I just wanted to let you know that I am making some editorial changes to our first post that you just have to read….. Please take a minute and read the updated post from Monday….CLICK HERE to read the changes.

You Heard It Through The Grapevine

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I think we have finally come up with a name for our Newsletter. Of course that is always subject to change……. “You Heard It Through The Grapevine” I have handed the weekly task over to my wife Kelly. I have done this for a couple of reasons. One of them being that it is a tremendous time burner (for now…

Social Media 13: The New Face Of Spokane Grapevine

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Spokane Grapevine, the local on-line interactive magazine, is now just a portion of what Social Media 13 is all about. Social Media 13 is the brainchild of Local businessman Monte Tareski and his wife Kelly Tareski. They have been working on Social Media 13 for the better part of two years and have recently launched their services as a whole…

Run In With The Sheriff

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No…It’s not what you think. We had the unfortunate need of a Sheriff today. It wasn’t that bad really, and I don’t want to focus on the need. I want to focus on the attention and empathy we received from the officer that was sent. In these times of economic cutbacks and the like it, was nice to have the assistance of the…

The Daily Hunt | My Take On Life

kelly tareski My Take On Life

The Daily Hunt | My Take On Life

How Would You Rate My Photography? | My Take On Life

kelly tareski My Take On Life

How would you rate my photography? | My Take On Life

Teaching Them To Work

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You may be tired of hearing about what we do to teach our kids about responsibility and how to work. But I will probably never get tired of telling you. More importantly I know I will never get tired of telling you about our fantastic children. Yesterday I had the boys pull weeds at our store in Airway Heights. They…

More About Us: The Country Way

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Well….really this post is just about me…..Monte Tareski I have had many people ask me.  “What drives you? Why do you do all of this stuff for others?” My simple response is….. “That I can” You see, I was born and raised on a farm. A rather large one at that (more like a ranch really). We ran over 70…

A Snapshot Of Us: An Outtake From My Take On Life

Colby Tareski kelly tareski madison tareski monte tareski My Take On Life Tony Tareski

Click on the link below for the whole storyfrom Kelly Tareski My Take On Life I read a Facebook status this morning posted by one of my dear friends Julia.  I thought it was simple, but yet so profound. “People say ‘it’s the little things you appreciate more…” “What exactly are those things?” I often wondered. When I finished transplanting…